Better late than never


I made this for my partner for Valentines day 2013. After it sitting on my pile of things i need to sort (which there are lots of items on-I get sidetracked) for over a year, we finally got round to mounting and framing it. When I say ‘we’ I use the word loosely. It was in fact a case of me choosing the frame and mount and my lovely other half doing all the measuring and positioning. As Ive said before, Im utterly useless at it so Im very lucky I have his help. Anyway, It goes well in our bedroom, the wood of the frame matches our bedroom furniture really well and we are both fans of this style of design. Glad it was finally sorted 🙂

‘Cause Im happyyyyy…




The last time I saw my little sister, she was giving me fits of giggles with her purple minion (from Despicable me) impression. As its her birthday on the fourth of march, I needed to make her a card and couldn’t resist this design! Its a mix of two different patterns I found on pinterest. I added yellow fabric to the purple card and framed it with ribbon and then framed the aida with yellow wool so it all was colour themed. Her favourite colour is blue, so am hoping the small amount of blue on her gift makes up for the lack of it on this card. I really enjoyed making it for her and am really looking forward to the next purple minion face pull! 🙂


For my second mum :-)

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I no longer have to worry about my sister’s hot air balloon getting finished I thought Id get cracking on a small gift for my aunty. Every Mother’s day I like to make something for her as she has no children of her own and she is like a second Mum to me, always there when I need her and truly one of the most lovely people on the planet. She adores her cat so it seemed only right to make something that had a black and white kitty on it and as if by magic, I noticed her keys looked a little sparse last time I saw her, so decided to make her this.



On the side that has the cat, I had trouble with the aida stretching so it went a bit squiffy. Hopefully she won’t mind 🙂

Up, up and away…

Ive been working on my older sister’s birthday present for a while now and have now finally finished it. She loves all things brightly coloured (it runs in the family) and hot air balloons. She is also moving to Australia at the end of the year so the most apt thing to create for her was this.


While I loved making this because I love making people presents, it wasn’t without its glitches and as I have said in my about me, this blog is about highs and lows so I couldn’t leave the bad bits out… The main problem was the backstitching, it is still very loose so I will have to try and sort that out when its framed. I also had a battle with my own mind as to where to stop the clouds. I didnt want it to look out of proportion so there was a lot of tweeking and unpicking! Overall though, Im really chuffed with it and I hope she will be too 🙂

A solution to flower corpses


Although I didnt make these and this blog is supposed to be about the crafts I produce, I couldn’t help but share these! I went charity shop shopping (or chopping as I like to call it) with my Stepmum on Monday and found these beautiful ceramic flowers. They were mainly yellow and being a yellow fan I was practically forced by my eyes to get them! They were £1.99 each, well worth every penny and being ceramic, they, unlike any other plants in my possession, wont die! Well, unless one of my cats think they look particularly inviting…


I put them in an upcycled kraken rum bottle that I had been using as a candle holder (hence the wax drips). They are now sitting on my mantlepiece so I can look up from my sewing and grin at them 🙂

Hopefully a good omen

I adore plants and flowers, but over time have realised that they really don’t feel the same back. Everything I try to grow seems to wither up and end up as compost. The thoughts are all there, unfortunately the skills are not.  After the most recent floral casualty, I needed something to reignite my desire to grow and not give up my desire to be a domestic Monty Don. Im hoping my most recent project, that I completed tonight, will hopefully reign in the inner over-waterer in me and make my home and garden be in full bloom 🙂


Hampton Court Palace Tapestries

I have wanted to visit Hampton Court Palace for as long as I can remember, so was made up when my partner took me there on Valentines day. It was even more phenomenal than I imagined. Unfortunately we didnt find the school of needlework until it was closed, that was a shame because it was a section that we were both looking forward to seeing. But we explored all of the inside and the courtyard and were both taken aback by how stunning it was. We really had a lovely day and I was really shocked by even the idea of going, a pure surprise 🙂 Nearly every room we went into had absolutely stunning tapestries hanging from the walls, in some rooms every wall had a tapestry covering it. It was really awe inspiring to find out that these masterpieces were each made on looms by a team of 11 people per tapestry and took around a year to make. Puts a new meaning to patience! Although photo’s don’t do them justice, I thought Id give it a try and share them with you. As well as the amazing history of the place, it is definately a place worth going for any needlecraft enthusiast, it is certainly humbling.









Beautiful aren’t they?

Love that keeps on growing…

For Valentines day I wanted to make my partner something that symbolised how much we have grown together and still continue to do so. I decided on a tree with flowers blossoming from it. I was going to attach beads and sequins, but for some reason when I attached them I really disliked them and felt they look a little too feminine for him (although I opted for a swirly flowered tree?!) I didnt think I would get it completed in time, but luckily managed to just scrape it! I have tried to frame it myself, but Its more of a botch so will have to write a disclaimer on the gift tag that he needs to work some magic with that. Im very fortunate that anything I need framing he does for me and seems to enjoy it which is always a bonus. Im really looking forward to tomorrow now, hope he likes it as much as I do!


Not a wasted weekend

I have been trying to find a brooch that isnt fairly ugly or very expensive for a while now and failed miserably. This weekend, my stepkids both had a friend over for a sleepover so my sewing frame that I would normally be plugged into became redundant. Instead of being fed up that I couldn’t continue with my sister’s birthday present, I decided to just make a brooch rather than aimlessly searching for a less than eye pleasing one. I already had a kit (as if by magic) but was not totally happy with the design. So after a couple of tweaks and a few hours work, I had a shiny new brooch and a very smiley face! 🙂



I am currently working on my sister’s birthday present. Ive been working on it solidly every evening until silly o’clock in the morning in order to get it finished by March when it is her birthday. I love making things for people, seeing them smile, seeing my creations in their home… what Im not keen on is my middle finger on my left hand looking like ive tried to stroke a hedgehog! That coupled with being a type one diabetic, so having to test my blood sugar several times a day, has left my fingertips red raw and quite frankly, me cursing everytime I snag them on my needle. I think I have tried every design of thimble going, but due to my chipolata fingers they dont like to stay on. In the end, I give up and get the plasters out… So the reason for this post is if anybody has a preventative they can recommend for anybody with ‘chubby finger’ syndrome, Id be very grateful 🙂cat