Russian Doll Cross stitch

2013-08-26 23.16.03

I have a barrel load of things I have already made and was unsure whether to put them on here or just the current things I am working on. The conclusion was, to hell with it, I will just put up what I like and what I consider to be things I am most proud of. Don’t worry there is not that much!. Here is a Russian or matryoshka doll (depending on who you ask), that I made for my partner’s sister for Christmas. There were many different shades of colour in this and due to some of the threads being quite pale, I decided to use red aida to make them show up a bit better. In all it took around 9 evenings of staying up until 2 in the morning, regular tea breaks saved me! The face was particularly difficult due to the multitude of skin tones, but I am really pleased with the results 🙂

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