I am currently working on my sister’s birthday present. Ive been working on it solidly every evening until silly o’clock in the morning in order to get it finished by March when it is her birthday. I love making things for people, seeing them smile, seeing my creations in their home… what Im not keen on is my middle finger on my left hand looking like ive tried to stroke a hedgehog! That coupled with being a type one diabetic, so having to test my blood sugar several times a day, has left my fingertips red raw and quite frankly, me cursing everytime I snag them on my needle. I think I have tried every design of thimble going, but due to my chipolata fingers they dont like to stay on. In the end, I give up and get the plasters out… So the reason for this post is if anybody has a preventative they can recommend for anybody with ‘chubby finger’ syndrome, Id be very grateful 🙂cat

2 thoughts on “Youch!

  1. That photo is too cute. Are “plasters” the same thing as “bandaids”? My fingers have been cracked and dry from the cold and excess hand washing and hurt when I cross stitch too, so I cover the tips with bandaids when I stitch. It’s not terribly comfortable, but it helps.

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