A solution to flower corpses


Although I didnt make these and this blog is supposed to be about the crafts I produce, I couldn’t help but share these! I went charity shop shopping (or chopping as I like to call it) with my Stepmum on Monday and found these beautiful ceramic flowers. They were mainly yellow and being a yellow fan I was practically forced by my eyes to get them! They were £1.99 each, well worth every penny and being ceramic, they, unlike any other plants in my possession, wont die! Well, unless one of my cats think they look particularly inviting…


I put them in an upcycled kraken rum bottle that I had been using as a candle holder (hence the wax drips). They are now sitting on my mantlepiece so I can look up from my sewing and grin at them 🙂

8 thoughts on “A solution to flower corpses

  1. My nan used to have a whole potted rose bush thing made of china petals and leaves that she brought back from a trip to Hong Kong. I haven’t thought about it in years! I wonder what happened to it. In my memory it was huge, but maybe I was just very small at the time! Thanks for sharing. I think ch(arity sh)opping and crafts naturally go hand in hand – both require imagination and the ability to recognise potential. 🙂

    • Totally agree. The amount of ‘finds’ you come across in them is immense! Your nan’s ones sound a lot more impressive! I want to get some more but dont know where from-maybe I will have to go to Hong Kong lol 🙂

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