Not a productive weekend



I really hate feeling unwell. Mainly because I lose enthusiasm so end up being very unproductive. Fortunately after a weekend of feeling particularly awful, I did manage to do at least one thing on my to do list. My older sisters birthday is fast approaching and being as she is a lover of quirky rings and was oggling my own cross stitched ring, I thought Id make her one of her own. I found the pattern on pinterest and attached the finished stitching to a button back and then a plain ring. I discovered a brilliantly awesome fixative called araldite. Its super strong so have mended some other jewellery with it too, as well as securing the button to the ring. As it was the first one Id made, I think I need some practice in attaching the aida to the back. As you can probably see from the second picture, it was a little puckered. Hopefully she wont mind. So, not as productive a weekend as I would have hoped, but at least something done I guess. This evening I will be trying to make up for it though by stitching away like sonic, hopefully enthusiasm will come back soon πŸ™‚

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