Even planters need a re-furb

20140303_145039[1] Before

finished[1] After!



I bought my sister a planter (by request) for part of her birthday present, but I decided it looked a bit boring and needed a spruce up. So I decided to cut out a fair few flower shapes from spare fabrics and felt and placed them on the wire flower shapes. I still felt it a little dull so added random spare buttons and beads for centres. It was a way to use up unique buttons. Most of the projects involving buttons I do tend to require an even amount of similar or same style ones so had a few left over that were odd. The time was mainly taken up cutting out the flowers but I really enjoyed doing it. It is a bit mad and the colours are like an explosion in a paint factory but Its the type of thing she would go eek! at so hope it is ok. If not, I need to practice not killing plants so will have it back hehe 🙂


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