The smiliest cloud :-)



After having no enthusiasm the last few days and feeling a bit crap, I realised that if I didnt snap out of it I would soon feel worse for being so unproductive. So I gave myself a little pep talk. What I learnt from that was that I can get annoying when I become preachy. Even to myself. It must have done some good though as I completed my older sister’s birthday card and it cheered me up a load 🙂 The cloud was made from fabric taken from some old pyjamas, button eyes and sewn mouth. The hardest but most rewarding part was hand sewing each tiny bead on the cloud lining, which after I finished I mounted onto felt. The rainbow stripes were from an old top, so it was a very ‘using old scraps’ kind of project. Funnily enough, the top used to be my sister’s so she may even notice! 🙂

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