Karma coma


My Dad and stepmum, Dee, have a stunning mango wood table with elephants carved into it. Last time I visited them I was oggling it so much that it gave me the idea to make this for Dee for mother’s day. I must say that this is my favourite card I have made so far, mainly because its of a style I dont normally do and I tried to challenge myself with it. I took it from a blackwork pattern I found and adapted it, making the stitching multicoloured rather than being all black. According to my little sister (who will be held accountable if she was fibbing ;-)), Dees favourite colour is purple. So naturally, I tried to put as much purple in the elephant and the mehndi sun as I could. I used different thicknesses and tensions of silks in order to give it more depth and used enough gold thread to put Midas to shame. I also added tiny beads throughout the whole design and finished it off with a double stitched border, keeping it simple, as I didnt want to detract too much from the Maharaja. As well as being my favourite card I have made so far, it also took the longest. I do hold myself accountable for this though as I did use a lot of very small beads which took a long time to sew and even roped in my other half into helping me laboriously rummage though my threads to find ‘the’ perfect colours for it. The only part of making him I didnt like was the metallic thread which kept snapping and unravelling. At the completion though, I saw that it, in my opinion, was worth the hassle and now I love metallic threads. Well, I say that, but I bet my next project involving them will again resort to having to have a ‘timeout’ from them to cool down 😀 The title of the post by the way, was purely because I couldn’t get karma coma by Massive attack out of my head while I was stitching this.  That certainly wasn’t a bad thing 🙂


16 thoughts on “Karma coma

  1. That is so cool! I love the glittery thread. It really is a pain to work with, though! Sometimes, if you can get away with it, it helps to use a strand of clear thread when you use the sparkly thread to add some stability since it tends to be really fragile.

    The outcome is well worth the trouble, though, I’d say! (o: You’ve got a lot of lucky family members to get such wonderful gifts from you!

  2. It’s beautiful! I know how you feel about metallics though – I’m not a fan either haha!
    Such a great result though – makes it all worth it!

  3. I love that song and haven’t heard it in years…..had to go listen to it. Although I know it as Overcome by Tricky. Weird huh? I guess they worked together and had different versions of the song collectively. Or something like that.
    Anyways, your elephant is freaking awesome. I want to make one toooooo!

    • I used to know it as overcome by tricky too but I think that there are different versions. I love tricky, so I tend to favour calling it that but thought that it would be more known by the massive attack name 🙂

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