I like to mauve it mauve it!



Apologies for the poor joke, but we all needed a little cheesiness to cheer us up now and again don’t we? Mother’s day card number 2 now complete, this one for my Grandma who again is a lover of all things purple and this time I know that is fact. I think this one took a lot longer than it looks like it did. I used a purple fabric for the background with a sequin ribbon surround. The actual butterflies were taken from a printed skirt. They are what took the main of the time as I sewed around the edge of the wings to give them definition and then sewed tiny pink beads down the body, adding wooden beads to the corner of the top wings. I was initially trying to create a V shape (her name is Veronica) but it looked more like a lop sided L. So, I changed my mind and decided to try making them look like they were flying. Leaving themΒ  as they were looked a little boring so I decided to use some pink wool to outline the flight pattern. At the end of it, I was surprised how long it took for the results but was pleased that the butterflies looked more sparkly and pretty than beforehand. I also managed to give myself a blister on my fingertip mid sewing as I didn’t realise just how much force would be needed to get through the felt and fabric, time for some new sharper needles I think πŸ™‚

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