Kid in a sweetshop :-)


Today we went to the creative stitches and hobbycrafts exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. It goes without saying that I was like a kid in a sweetshop. Everything was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t stop looking at everything with oodles of ‘wow’ and ‘look at that’. Needless to say, I became very camera snap happy. I thought Id share with you some of my favourite bits, which were difficult to narrow down as it was all so awe inspiring. I will start with the amazing section called ‘giant textile books’ which was to collect for Craft aid and Great Ormond Street Hospital. The idea for the project came from a team of two ladies, Alison and Ann Murray, taking them 9 months to sew together. I was greatly humbled by how charitable these incredible women were and the talent that clearly oozed from their very fingertips. Most of the display was knitted, with the odd piece of other sewing skills shown including cross stitch. The following are examples of their seasons work…

craft_aid[1] craft_aid_2[1] craft_aid_3[1] craft_aid_4[1] craft_aid_5[1] craft_aid_6[1] craft_aid_7[1] craft_aid_8[1] craft_aid_9[1] craft_aid_10[1] craft_aid_11[1]

The rest of the project focused on mythical creatures…

craft_aid_12[1] craft_aid_13[1] craft_aid_14[1] craft_aid_15[1] craft_aid_16[1] craft_aid_17[1] craft_aid_18[1] craft_aid_19[1] craft_aid_20[1]

After feeling so massively small in the world, my humbled self could only purchase this cute little hair bobble from the accompanying stallholder and make a donation. Seems a bit pathetic of me considering the phenomenal and life changing work these awe inspiring ladies produce…


Another charity stall was in aid of Cancer research. The couple running it, who were such genuinely lovely human beings, had created these little ‘cheer up kits’, selling them for just £1. As well as this, these little rabbits that housed a cream egg. Needless to say, they were gobbled up by my stepchildren hours ago (I dont blame them one bit!)…


I also met stuart from the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee, who was giving a talk on customising clothing. He was good enough to pose…


One of my favourite things I saw was a collection of sewn pieces based on historical dress and characters. My particular favourite was the Anne of Cleves design…

history[1] history_2[1] history3[1] history_4[1] history_5[1]

This was very near to a Gustav Klimt themed area, in which the work was stunning…

klimt[1] klimt2[1]

Of course, one of the main advertised selling points of the sewing section of the exhibition were the costumes from the Les Miserables remake…

les_mis4[1] les_mis3[1] les_mis2[1] les_mis[1]

I also now have a new artist to add to my list of works I want to own one day when I sell my kidneys/win the lottery. Her name is Michele Rose, she works with textiles, all of which are very sweet and beautifully created…

michele_rose[1] michele_rose2[1]

I have since discovered her website

I fell in love with a stall called Button-It, I was there for quite some time and I was certainly not alone, the stall was brimming with people. All of us with a little bowl filled with their laser cut wooden buttons and embellishments. I couldn’t resist these…


As it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, my very lovely other half treated me to a belated birthday present. I absolutely adore it and have wanted a tape measure bangle since I saw one at a craft fair two years ago. He even managed to get me a yellow one!


On the way out, we stumbled upon a pyrographer who was incredibly talented. I have never tried this art and always been fascinated by it. She had worked her magic on a number of items, including this wooden spoon which I simply had to get as a gift for my Dad, who is a patisserie chef. It seemed fairly logical…


So all round an amazing day! I don’t think I have had a day where I felt so inspired to create and learn from others as I have done today. We saw some amazing artists, oggled at breathtaking masterpieces and my other half and stepchildren even got to try out one of the free card making workshops. I was too busy picking my jaw up from off of the floor… 🙂



9 thoughts on “Kid in a sweetshop :-)

  1. Color me impressed! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t make any of that even if my life depended on it. Even the cream egg bunnies!

  2. Wow! Great pictures! It was fun looking through them all! And you picked up quite the fun assortment of goodies, too! Thanks for sharing the fun with us! (o:

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