oh bee-have!


My mum’s mothers day card is now finally complete, her love of all things orange and bee related led to the design. The hive part took the longest. I cut out the hexagons from orange themed fabrics, all of which were fabrics donated to me by my mum for my patchwork blanket so hope she doesnt mind the diversion! After placing the shapes onto a solid backing fabric, I sewed them on leaving a small gap between each of the shapes in order to sew beads around each one. After doing this on a few of the hexagons, I really disliked it and found it detracted from the fabrics which were pretty on their own. So I unpicked the beading I had done and chose to just sew them on to the outer edge of the hive, adding a single bead to the centre of each hexagon. I added orange wool just to the sides of the card that the hive was on, adding a single wooden bead to the corners. I loved making the little bee. I cut the shapes out of felt, I purposely shaped the wings to look like hearts and sewed them all together. I used beads for the eyes and added a little nectar to the bee’s bottom in the shape of some more beads (I went bead crazy). After I put it all together, something was missing. So I added the iridescent sequins. I hope it gave it the right buzz… get it? Hehe 🙂

12 thoughts on “oh bee-have!

  1. This is beautiful and hand made gifts are a treasure as they come from the heart, I’m sure your mum will love it 🙂 I would 🙂

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