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I reblogged a post by prettylittlethingsinabox earlier on in the week about the very cool global project for stitchers from the textile museum in Wesserling Park, France. To honour the history of DMC, they are asking for any needlework enthusiasts to sew an initial (of their choice) on a piece of 15cm x 15cm white stitching cloth. This can be on aida, linen, even weave, etc…, but it must be using the DMC 321 thread. You don’t send it mounted, just the simple cloth all stitched and pretty. It will eventually be displayed in the museum with a post listing all of the contributors. I couldn’t say no to being part of a huge thank you to the amazing DMC for providing us with gorgeous threads and products for the past 250 years. Plus, it would be nice to be part of a museum display rather than visiting them for a change… If you want to give it a go, the address to send to is on an earlier reblogged post, but time is ticking so you will need to get your speedboots on! I popped to the haberdashery yesterday to get the correct thread, only to find when I got home that I should have checked my stash because I already had some. grrr! Anyway, I sketched out a plan last night and wanted to do a stamp like design, so the aida remains plain but stitch around the initial to create its shape. I then realised after rereading the rules many times that the actual letter must be stitched so I didn’t think Id get away with my silhouette idea. So I stitched my first name initial ‘E’, choosing a font that I used to use often during my tattooing days, but revamped it to look slightly prettier. So yeah, got to post it now, shame carrier pigeons don’t fly around this way 😉

G.O.T: Blasphemous rumours


After completing my skirt, I focused my attention again on the ‘real game of thrones’ update. This monarch imposed a law which still stands today. That was, according to English law, if a priest or monk was considered to have committed a crime, then they must be tried by a judge, not a bishop. Until his reign, this was obviously not the case and to make law fair, it was changed.  As you can expect, this made him unpopular with the leaders of the church, in particular, his once friend turned rival, Thomas Beckett. He then had to deal with his family being a pain in the bum, in particular his three sons. Family politics, eh? 😉



so yesterday me and whizzy had a date. After searching for nice fabrics locally and finding none I liked enough to buy (or more so had the funds to) I stumbled upon this tape measure fabric on ebay for 5 pounds a metre! I love bright colours and so thought Id make myself a ‘simple’ elasticated waistband skirt. Being as its been 8 years since I have used a sewing machine for garment construction, I thought Id find an online tutorial to help me on the way. I won’t name the website as I have some moaning to do. I got massively confused when the author said to cut a 60″ x 34″ rectangle, only to discover three stages on that this was indeed her personal measurements to make herself a skirt. Being as this was a tutorial for hopeless fumblers like me, I was a bit stressed with the so called ‘simplicity’ of the guidelines. After reading a few stages on I decided to scrap the tutorial and dig into my memory, trying to find any morsel of knowledge buried there. I decided to measure my waist and hips, halving the measurements to make two rectangles. This was where I made a mistake… being a bit flustered by other events I won’t go into, I absent mindedly only  allowed seam allowance for one side seam, not both. So I attached the elastic, which was difficult because it started to fray straight away, I now believe the tension was too high, but I managed to make it catch so not too bad. I then sewed the second side seam and thought this is going to be a bit snug! I am very happy with the hemming and seams, they were thankfully all neat…


I tried the skirt on and luckily, it wasn’t as tight as I thought it would be and is in fact quite wearable. I won’t post a picture of me in it as I don’t want to put you off whatever meal you may be tucking into next. It fits well on the hips and the length is bang on, could probably be a tiny bit bigger around the waist but I need to lose a few pounds and am getting an insulin pump on Thursday so that will aid my tubby belly. So yeah, I love the skirt, chuffed about the hem, seams and my perseverance with the elastic, just need to remember allowance on every seam, ironic that I didnt with the pattern on the fabric really. Also, to get working those abs! (that won’t happen) 🙂


Lots of blushing…



I am very shy to say that Ive been nominated for a liebster award again. Having permission to do it again by my nominator, the very talented fellow stitcher, Thanks! I made this myself!,   I have decided to give it another go. I always enjoy the posts made from this blogger so to be nominated by them is a great pleasure 🙂 For those who haven’t heard of the Liebster award, the rules are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by your nominator.

3. Nominate 11 other followers who have have less than 500 followers.

4. Post 11 questions for your nominations to answer.

5. Tag your nominees and let them know on their blog by posting a comment telling them.

So, the questions set to me (as well as the answers) are…

1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I think I mainly enjoy getting the feedback from fellow bloggers. I don’t know many people who are like minded and am a little thin on the friend ground so having a chat with people who like the same things as me whilst getting feedback from them is a real treasure to me.

2. Who would be at your ultimate dinner party (5 people)?

I found this question a little tricky, as most people I admire are now sadly no longer with us. I adore David Attenborough, so he would have to be there entertaining us with his adventures.  Lucy Worsley, who is my favourite modern historian. I would most certainly have one of my favourite musical artists, Bjork there, showing us all up with her pure eccentricity and style. Guillermo del Toro, his artistic genius in film leaves me with my mouth open every time. Last but not least, I would have the Dalai Lama, one of my heroes purely based on his own inner peace and compassion for others, hopefully being a calming influence on me!

3. What are your favourite pair of shoes you’ve ever worn?

I must admit, Im not a shoe addict. I always find a pair of shoes that are comfy and stick to them. I certainly don’t have the balance or posture for high heels! Id say my favourite pair of shoes ever were when I was a very little girl, being a disney fan, I had what I called ‘clop clop’ shoes that had my favourite princess (Ariel) emblazoned on them. Sad, but true.

4. What is your proudest creation?

My son. Without doubt.

5. Would you rather have a bath of snakes or a bath of spiders?

Snakes, definately. I don’t mind snakes at all and screech at any sized spider.

6. What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

I went through phases. I wanted to be a poet at one point, oddly, considering I was around 9 at the time. My main aim was and always has been, to be a Mummy.

7. If you could only have one more overseas trip, where would you go?

I have only been on a plane once so there is a huge choice! I think Austria or Germany would be high on the list. I am a firm believer that the country I live in, same as whatever country anyone lives in, has a lot of treasures to explore first.

8. What is your favourite outfit? Go on, give us a photo…

I can give you an answer, but Im very camera shy so no pictures Im afraid. I am a huge fan of charity shops, buying all my clothes there and trying to revive or transform them. So, my favourite outfit probably is a barbie pink tea dress that I emblazoned with different shades of pink buttons with a black cardigan I recently bought from Scope that has beautiful embroidered flowers all over it.

9. What sewing or music related thing do you want to have done this year?

I want to have at least tried knitting, I have always wanted to learn and need to just bite the bullet and get those needles going…

10. There was no ten…. hehe

11. Star Trek or star wars?

Star wars.

Right, I have tried not to nominate anyone I have previously nominated, all fresh ones and I also randomly selected (there was no method to my madness as I love them all) so the nominations are…. (drumroll)….

1. prettylittlethingsinabox

2. Bangocrafts

3. Fox on an island

4. me in stitches

5. being mrsgardom

6. me Oh my!

7. marissamadeit

8. Crafty staci

9. Daniellajoe

10. tinadayo

11. womble blog

That was tough, as I love all the blogs I follow (obviously otherwise I wouldnt follow)

Right, questions to answer…

1. If you could ask 5 people any one question, what questions would you ask to who?

2. What is your secret passion?

3. What is your current project?

4. Who do you love to love?

5. What is your favourite ever ‘find’?

6. Who or what inspires you when you feel like giving up?

7. Who is your creative hero?

8. Do you prefer making or buying gifts?

9. What are your ‘must haves’ in your making kit?

10. Do you create with music or TV on, or prefer silence?

11. If you could make something for anyone on the planet, who and what would it be?

*Breathes sigh of relief*, I don’t think Ive ever asked so many questions!

I appreciate that sometimes I don’t make much sense, so please let me know if you need help in answering anything Ive asked or indeed, if you just want a help with the Liebster award post at all. I needed help initially so have no trouble with aiding 🙂


Calling all Needle-worker,Embroiderer & Cross-Stitcher…

This is a great project for any fellow stitch enthusiasts to get involved in 🙂

Pretty Little Things In A Box

Hope I got everyone’s attention there…

Okie.. important announcement. Remember that I said that I will come back yesterday.. sorry about that cos I got carried away 😦

I read an earlier post from &Stitches… and guess what.. There’s an interesting project for all to take part in and be part of DMC history. On 31st May, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the past, present and future of DMC will be held at Textile Museum Wesserling Park, France. You may Check out all the details here. (It is written in French and I’ve tried to translate in English on this post for us all to understand how to join in the fun 🙂

So here goes..

First.. check out your embroidery thread stash..photo

and see if you have DMC 321. (This project only requires you to work  ONLY with DMC 321 and not any other shades of red)
photo 1


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G.O.T: The Usurper


This update sees a monarch who should never have really been one. He usurped the crown from his predecessor which in turn started a revolt from the welsh (who loved their previous royal), led by the infamous Owain Glyndwyr. With this post, I thought Id include a Tom Jones parody by the amazing hilarious ‘Horrible histories’ team, detailing the trouble between the monarch and his rebel foe… Watch here. If you listen closely it also gives you the identity of the king to lend you a hand 🙂

G.O.T: Making the bowl cut cool…


The latest update sees a monarch who famously sported a bowl cut during his very bloody battles. The clue to his identity though, is… his proudest achievement was the success at the battle of Agincourt in 1415. By invading France, he in turn stepped up the ongoing hostilities with the country and continued a very bloody few decades. He is still seen as a great ‘warrior king’ though, so if you want to be as much of a power hungry monarch as he, get yourself a serving dish, place it on your head and cut round. If you are using sharp scissors, you may need an adult’s supervision… 😉

G.O.T: Eton rifle


Im taking you off track with this real game of thrones update with not following the chronological line. The way the pattern is laid out means that the stitching will sometimes take an unexpected route which I think is a good thing to mix it up a bit. I believe this royal is one that gets largely overlooked, so I thought Id give a few clues this time. It seems that the only positive thing to happen during this monarch’s reign was the opening of Eton college, giving free education to 70 scholars. Thats it. End of nice, start of trouble… they were certainly not a fan of the ‘Maid of Orleans’ Joan of Arc, finally seeing the end of the very bloody and expensive, 100 years war. You would think this would mean celebrations and happiness for them but, soon after the monarch develops a mental illness, followed by the beginning of a huge and ongoing rift between the houses of York and Lancaster. After being captured, the royal is stabbed to death in the tower of London in 1471. Now thats a drama series I would watch on TV! 🙂

G.O.T: Quite contrary?


Real game of thrones update, the clue is… After her parents split up and her Dad remarried in 1533, she was taken away for her mother, banned from seeing her. I must admit that the only reason I know this fact is that it was on an information board at Hampton Court Palace during a recent trip there. I just thought it was a remarkable fact that shows how cruel this monarch’s childhood was and considering this particular ruler gets such bad press, it may be a small sign of why her actions were not always savoury. . I also thought, being the motor mouth that I am, I have shared an already large clue in the title, so a more cryptic one wouldn’t go amiss 🙂

G.O.T: shades of grey


Contrary to what the title suggests I haven’t ‘GOT’ shades of grey, rompy novels aren’t my cup of tea, but rather a good use as a clue to a commonly forgotten about monarch. The GOT of course is an abbreviation of my silly game, game of thrones. The other clue to their identity is… her mother, Mary Tudor, was the sister of Henry VIII. That’s it no more clues, my lips are sealed, locked and Ive destroyed the key… until tomorrow… 😉