walkin on the beaches, lookin at the… beach huts


Unlike the stranglers, peaches are not in my line of vision. These Beach huts certainly are though. I have been working on the blue one, which has been my favourite so far. I am mostly enjoying trying to guess what the weird shaped objects are that are in amongst the sand as Im waiting until the end to do the backstitching. My guess for the red/orange one next to the green hut is some sort of shell. That, or somethings on fire… 🙂

10 thoughts on “walkin on the beaches, lookin at the… beach huts

  1. Beautiful! This makes me want to go to the beach! Back home in Canada I ‘d never seen beach huts like this, but when I came to live in the Uk i saw them for the first time down in Broadstairs…I love all the individual colours and personality people give them! Great colourful project…perchance there will be a starfishy?

    • ooo thats a really good guess! I certainly hope so, I find starfish really interesting, very bizarre but beautiful creatures. When I was a kid and saw beach huts for the first time I was taken aback by them too, they looked like ice cream houses to me 🙂

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