Meet my new best friend, her name is whizzy. Don’t ask me why I have named a sewing machine, its just a natural habit of mine to personalise inanimate objects and seems as me and whizzy will be spending a lot of time together, it seemed natural. I am completely useless when it comes to understanding written instructions, diagrams just make my mind melt. So, my very patient and lovely mister set it up for me and showed me how to work the bobbin and threading system, preventing steam from escaping out of my ears. I then sat down and playtime began! With 80 different types of stitch available to program into it, I was on it for quite some time just testing out all the different patterns. After yelling through to mister (who was trying to quietly paint) after every line for a good hour with ‘ooo this one is my new favourite’, I decided to stop.


I did have a couple of patterns that I tried go a bit wrong, namely the bow and greek key designs. I found out that the stitches that didnt work were aimed at silkwork so my old cotton pillowcase had a bit of a tantrum. Ive included these just to show what I mean. I must remember to use the correct fabric next time. All the others though were so beautiful, I couldnt possibly pick a real favourite despite my yelled claims. Im now just so excited to use the patterns, having never used a machine like this before. My previous one was a very old very heavy metal brother machine which would be pride of place in a steampunk enthusiasts abode. Mine and whizzy’s first pursuit will be a project to say a big thank you to my stepmum. Although I dont think any gift could explain just how grateful and over the moon with it I am  🙂

17 thoughts on “playtime!

  1. I won’t ask why you’ve named your sewing machine…ahem ( I totally understand) by the way..ahem… my sewing machine ‘Janice’ Janome says hello to ‘Whizzy’. Have fun with your super awesome new toy!

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