Everything is awesome!

lego[1] lego2[1]

Sorry about the title, anybody who has seen the Lego Movie will tell you how annoyingly catchy that song is, but I couldn’t resist it. Being as I have 4 siblings, it is my only brother’s birthday coming up. I racked my tiny little mind trying to think of a theme for his card and got pretty stuck. I feel like a bad sister for saying that I had no idea what he would like. He is always at work and when not, he is looking after my nephew so doesnt really have time for hobbies as such. So I had to rewind my brain to times of old… what would a young Simon be interested in? Lego was the answer, I remember many times standing on one of his little bricks and cursing him somewhat for it! So, after finding a pattern on pinterest, I cross stitched the man, backstitching around him and adding ‘Pi’ to his chest, which has been my brothers nickname for years. I added a simple border in two different shades of blue, and framed it with large triangular blue and yellow buttons and small diamontes of the same colours. I hope it reminds him of times gone by and doesnt make him feel old. At 24, he should be a long way off from feeling that way. Might make him feel nostalgic and get the little toe crunchers out again 🙂

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