The real game of thrones


There are no Starks or Lannisters round here. This is the real game of thrones, which is undoubtedly more exciting and dramatic than the fictional TV series. I understand I may get a few boo hisses for that comment, but being a massive history enthusiast, I love delving into the past and have had many happy times there πŸ™‚ Anyway, I have been working on a sewing project for my stepmum to say thank you for Whizzy. As my skills are incredibly rusty, I have decided that in the evenings I would like to continue with an ongoing cross stitch project to mix it up a little. I have found from previous experiences that if I work non stop on a particular project, I get very agitated with it and lose patience easily. Everybody needs a time out every now and again don’t they? After getting such enjoyment out of doing the beach huts by Bothy threads, I chose to do another design by the company. I received The Kings and Queens of England for my birthday and have been so excited to start it ever since. I enjoyed doing almost daily updates on my stitching progress with the beach huts, so have decided to do the same with the royals. To give it a twist, or mainly to amuse myself, I thought it would be fun to see if fellow bloggers could guess each monarch after its been stitched. As I am leaving the backstitching until the very last, this might be a harder task than anticipated as they may not look much like the finished product! To make it a little easier, I will provide a clue to the identity of the king or queen to help. I understand that this is a bit silly but a bit ofΒ  quizzing never hurt anyone (lets forget the Spanish inquisition πŸ˜‰ ) Well, I started with possibly the most identifiable English monarch and his heir. The clues are… The first monarch was a keen composer, although never wrote the song he is most famous for composing. Famously, the second monarchs last words on his deathbed in 1553 at just 15 years old were “I am glad to die”. Very sad… anyway, put your hankies away and get your thinking caps on πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “The real game of thrones

  1. I’m not googling to check these, so I may be massively off! But, I would guess that it’s Henry VIII, and his son Edward. I’d guessed Henry after just seeing the picture, and then his son Edward after you mentioned it was his son. It’s been a long time since History, so I may be horribly wrong! I don’t remember any monarch being well known for his composing skills, but I think I remember Edward dying young!

  2. i love the long history of the queens and kings of England.. some I must say are very brutal and political kind of move.. and all in all to save the position in court.. games of thrones does reminds me of that..

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