Saints and sinners



I got to meet this cool customer at a St George’s day celebration in town. This little sweetie was the highlight of the non-shopping experience of the day, along with his chums in the birds of prey section. I did take a fair few photos of them all, but thought Id just share my favourite feathered friend 🙂 There was also a couple of craftsmen stalls there. A woodturner, who happened to stop crafting just as I was taking this photo (tut tut)…


The man at the basket weaving section was more than happy to pose though…


There were also a few selling their crafts, the highlight of them was a lovely couple who’s company was called Taliesin. The incredibly talented lady makes steampunk inspired jewellery from old watch parts, which are so stunning that I had to use leftover birthday money to get a piece from her collection. I literally couldnt resist and duly, became a sinner!


I can’t have chocolate eggs, so my mister bought me this beautiful tibetan silver bangle adorned with turtles (one of my favourite creatures) as an alternative Easter present.


The highlight of the shopping section of the celebration though was a really small but beautifully laid out stall selling items that were from a haberdasher’s dream. The stallholder was a really friendly chap who didn’t mind one bit in listening to me yabber on about how much I loved his buttons!


I particularly love the miniature blue aeroplanes and little yellow watering cans. I must also note how amazingly cheap (only in price), the items were. The buttons were so unique, not like things I had seen before and were 20 pence each, as well as the sunflower ribbon which was just 40 pence per metre! Seen as the stall was such good value for money and I owe whizzy a present for being so compliant with the patchwork tote, I treated her to some new threads, the larger spools being just a pound.


These are for her honestly, nothing at all to do with my new sewing machine addiction… Anyway, off to watch everyone eat chocolate and treat myself to extra sweeteners in my coffee. Happy (eats)ter everyone! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Saints and sinners

  1. Hope you had a fab easter! Looks like you had loads of fun, I too love the pendant!
    Nice to see the owl, used to be obsessed with owls lol! And those buttons are fab… I may have to send you something sometime…

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