G.O.T: Eton rifle


Im taking you off track with this real game of thrones update with not following the chronological line. The way the pattern is laid out means that the stitching will sometimes take an unexpected route which I think is a good thing to mix it up a bit. I believe this royal is one that gets largely overlooked, so I thought Id give a few clues this time. It seems that the only positive thing to happen during this monarch’s reign was the opening of Eton college, giving free education to 70 scholars. Thats it. End of nice, start of trouble… they were certainly not a fan of the ‘Maid of Orleans’ Joan of Arc, finally seeing the end of the very bloody and expensive, 100 years war. You would think this would mean celebrations and happiness for them but, soon after the monarch develops a mental illness, followed by the beginning of a huge and ongoing rift between the houses of York and Lancaster. After being captured, the royal is stabbed to death in the tower of London in 1471. Now thats a drama series I would watch on TV! 🙂

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