so yesterday me and whizzy had a date. After searching for nice fabrics locally and finding none I liked enough to buy (or more so had the funds to) I stumbled upon this tape measure fabric on ebay for 5 pounds a metre! I love bright colours and so thought Id make myself a ‘simple’ elasticated waistband skirt. Being as its been 8 years since I have used a sewing machine for garment construction, I thought Id find an online tutorial to help me on the way. I won’t name the website as I have some moaning to do. I got massively confused when the author said to cut a 60″ x 34″ rectangle, only to discover three stages on that this was indeed her personal measurements to make herself a skirt. Being as this was a tutorial for hopeless fumblers like me, I was a bit stressed with the so called ‘simplicity’ of the guidelines. After reading a few stages on I decided to scrap the tutorial and dig into my memory, trying to find any morsel of knowledge buried there. I decided to measure my waist and hips, halving the measurements to make two rectangles. This was where I made a mistake… being a bit flustered by other events I won’t go into, I absent mindedly onlyΒ  allowed seam allowance for one side seam, not both. So I attached the elastic, which was difficult because it started to fray straight away, I now believe the tension was too high, but I managed to make it catch so not too bad. I then sewed the second side seam and thought this is going to be a bit snug! I am very happy with the hemming and seams, they were thankfully all neat…


I tried the skirt on and luckily, it wasn’t as tight as I thought it would be and is in fact quite wearable. I won’t post a picture of me in it as I don’t want to put you off whatever meal you may be tucking into next. It fits well on the hips and the length is bang on, could probably be a tiny bit bigger around the waist but I need to lose a few pounds and am getting an insulin pump on Thursday so that will aid my tubby belly. So yeah, I love the skirt, chuffed about the hem, seams and my perseverance with the elastic, just need to remember allowance on every seam, ironic that I didnt with the pattern on the fabric really. Also, to get working those abs! (that won’t happen) πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Irony

  1. It looks great! And you have a lot to be proud of there! Those are some really nice, straight lines! That’s even harder to do with the detail having lines like it does. If they had even been a tiny bit off, it would have been noticeable. You did such a great job!!

  2. The fabric is wonderful! Love all the tape measures. Sorry you had so much trouble during the assembly part, but sounds like it turned out great in the end.

  3. Love the material! I have my eye on some “Hungry Caterpillar” theme fabric; I know it’s meant to be for quilting but it’s too lovely not to be made into a skirt πŸ˜€

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