Our friends birthday is coming up and I can safely say that out of every person I have ever seen, whether it be in person, or in the media, he looks the most like how Id imagine a viking to be. As well as clearly being a descendant of Leif Erikson (the real first finder of America, not the actor), we are also going to the Viking exhibition at the British museum with him and his lovely wife for his birthday in a couple of weeks time. So, after rummaging around in my ‘to stitch’ stash, I found this design from mouseloft that I received in my stocking at Christmas. After going to the Jorvik museum in York a couple of years ago, I discovered that Vikings, despite popular depictions, did not have horned helmets. Hopefully the historical inaccuracy will be bypassed and the card with be fit for any Norse God. Apart from Thor, he will smite it with his thunder! 😉


8 thoughts on “Valhalla

  1. Wow, you’ve been doing so much stuff recently! Sorry for not commenting on more of them, my work sort of exploded, and I feel like I’ve only just got it under control! Loving all of it, even though I haven’t commented on it!

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