Not for ophidiophobes…


Sorry to anybody with a phobia of snakes, but this post may be a little reptile centred. On Monday, being as it was bank holiday, we went to explore the spring fair in our town which was very nicely just up the road from us. I know Monday was a few days ago but for one thing and another (todays excuse being Dad gnawing my ear off), I haven’t had chance to yabber on about what we got up to. I know this blog is supposed to be centred around the crafts I do, but I couldn’t help but share a pic of this constrictor that I accosted while I was at the fair. There was a display from a local company that specialise in reptiles, so there was an array of scaly creatures for me to fondle! Unfortunately for my mister, I spent most of the rest of the day telling him how much the cats would love a bearded dragon friend to play with. We eventually settled that maybe that wasn’t too much of a good idea, being as our feline chums would see it less as a playmate, more as an alternative to Kitekat. We did agree though that if we were to ever get one, his name would be Darwin πŸ™‚ I did come away with a snake though, apparently the brighter coloured they are, the more poisonous they tend to be, so this one must be really venomous…


πŸ˜€ We won him in a raffle, him being knitted by a lovely lady who works for cats protection. Oddly enough, there were no knitted cats, but I loved this fellow so was glad when we drew his number. On a different charity stall, this being one in aid of the Cystic fibrosis Trust, we spotted this book for 30 pence!


It is a great read and has some really lovely clear and precise instructions on getting you started with classic embroidery. Being as Im planning on embroidering more onto cloth, it is perfect and for the money, what a find! The rest of the time was spent mainly trying to deduce which stall was selling the yummiest looking ice cream for my stepkids and moaning about how expensive fair grounds are these days. I was tempted by hook a duck though… πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Not for ophidiophobes…

  1. Not really a fan of snakes, especially since I love rats, but I love the guy you won! He’s super cute! (o: Looks like you had a really fun time!

    • I definitely did, all of the reptiles were lovely, including a tiny little chameleon, but I fell in love with the constrictor. I was watching the bearded dragons for ages πŸ™‚

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