G.O.T: The *bleep*


Im actually angling for you to get this monarch regal name, although if you can guess the name that he was known as before he took the throne then I will be really chuffed. That particular name, was never truly diminished and despite it being partly expletive, he was still known as this by his contemporaries well into his long 20 year reign. The clue to his identity though is that he was the first Norman king, being the son of Robert I of Normandy and his rise to royalty, with his mighty military success, is depicted in the very beautiful Bayeux tapestry. As well as detailing the battle, it is said that the stunning needlework shows the first recorded sighting of Halley’s comet, as shown in this section…


I don’t mean to confuse by putting a snippet of the tapestry up that so happens to have the name ‘Harold’ embroidered onto it. It isn’t the monarch’s name, I was just being mean *slaps the back of my own hand* 🙂





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