Our Teeny star


I know its very early to be thinking of Father’s day but I have so many projects and ‘need to makes’ buzzing around in my head that I wanted to complete my mister’s card first and well in advance. It may not look it, but this project has taken hours and hours to do, putting my heart and soul into it to try and create a gift that symbolises what a fantastic Father and Daddy he is. I found a very old blackwork embroidery pattern for a star, but it was slightly gothic looking so I tweaked it to be more delicate. I used different shades of blue and metallic thread, adding a single blue star button to the centre, then stitched on tiny blue beads to the outer edges. I did create a squared border on the aida, but wasn’t keen on how ‘unpretty’ it looked, so cut around the star shape and mounted it onto felt. After placing it onto the card, I used different sized diamonte strips to frame it. Although it took me a long time and was really fiddly, I am pleased with the results. I hope our little star would be pleased with his Mummy for trying to show his Daddy how much he is loved by us all 🙂

27 thoughts on “Our Teeny star

  1. this is so gorgeous.. sparkly and loving the blink blink look..;)
    looks like you’ve incorporated blackwork stitching within the star spaces.. well done. 😀

  2. oh wow, that looks like a lot of thought put into it. Stars are one of my favourite shapes (probably THE favourite shape of mine) and the details in this work are so cool! I’m sure your Mister will be delighted about it!!

  3. It’s beautiful, and so creative…..I bet your sweetie will love it =). Good idea to make it well ahead of time so you’re not working until the last moment!

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