G.O.T: Rumpled Kilt skin


A fairly unlucky monarch, this kings rumored lover and ‘favourite’, Piers Gaveston, was kidnapped and put to death after their homosexual affair was somewhat disapproved of. His army is then defeated at the Battle of Bannockburn by Robert the Bruce, the notorious Scottish independence seeker (not to be confused with Mel Gibson *AHEM* William Wallace). If that wasn’t bad enough, he is left by his wife, Isabella, running off with her fancyman who then forces the monarch to be deposed. His sadness wouldn’t have lasted too long though, as shortly after that he is murdered on the orders of his ‘beloved’ Queen… Now that would be a good film! To view this monarch’s nemesis, Robert The Bruce’s, ‘movie pitch’ watch here via the Horrible Histories team… Click me now or regret it! 🙂

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