Booala :-)


Im off to visit my big (but little) sister tomorrow! Despite being quite apprehensive, with it being my first solo journey since being clamped to my insulin pump, Im fantastically excited as I don’t get to see her often. She is incredibly stressed at the moment, juggling her very tiring job as a neonatal nurse in the Intensive care unit and trying to plan her life changing move to Australia at the end of the year. So, I wanted to make her something small to try and cheer my Boo up and say thank you for letting me go and bug her for the day! She calls her Australian boyfriend Bear, as in koala bear, so I thought Id create a little felt marsupial for her. I cut out the shapes for the body, head and ears (two of each including the ear fluff :-D) and then a singular nose. After gluing on the nose and ear innards, I sewed on the eyes and heart button. I assembled the front and back separately, then after inserting the wadding, joined them together to finish the Booala.


I also finished another monarch on the real game of thrones. Similar to his son from yesterday, this king, known as Longshanks due to his six foot two stance, had a tempestuous relationship with Scotland. This resulted in a battle at Stirling Bridge against William Wallace that inspired the film, Braveheart. Some might say it was quite brave hearted to create such a historically inaccurate picture 😉


26 thoughts on “Booala :-)

  1. omg that booala is the cutest little thing !!! It made me smile instantly!!! Love the pink heart button and the ears and face and…just sooooooo cute!!!!!!

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