Just keep swimming…


Ive had a pretty busy couple of days, hence the absence. On Tuesday I went to visit my sister in London for the day. We were planning to go to Camden market to check out the fabric and craft stalls, but we got quite distracted by the London aquarium. The original understanding was that we would go for a couple of hours and then move on, but being as we both are huge natural history fans, we ended up getting sucked into the reef! We both adored this ray above, I know he wasn’t really smiling but we preferred to think he was a happy chappy, grinning away at us!


I think I fell in love several times while we were there with all the beautiful creatures from the deep, but these seahorses totally stole my heart. I was so in awe of them that it led to a ‘Do you think they would notice if I took one home?’ conversation. It wasn’t the only starstruck home taking talk we had, after Boo got a bit attached to this guy…


After I finally dragged her away from smooching with her new boyfriend, we continued with our ‘ahhh’ and ‘oooo’ fest! Every life was so stunning that I thought Id share a few of our favourites…

Who left him 'lion' around...hehe Terrible joke I know...

Who left him ‘lion’ around…hehe Terrible joke I know…

Despite his size, he wasnt as grumpy as he looks!

Despite his size, he wasnt as grumpy as he looks!

wow and another wow...

wow and another wow…

I named him Dundee...

I named him Dundee…

The only animal we weren’t keen on trying to hide in our bags and take as a new pet was this Japanese Spider Crab. There was no doubt that this creature was phenomenally magnificent, but it was like something from a horror film, reminding us less of a crustacean, more of a humongous spider…



So generally a fantastic Tuesday, I loved spending the day with my little booflower and she loved her koala so was chuffed about that. On Wednesday, my mister, our two friends and me went to the Viking Exhibition at the British Museum. The day started off amazingly, being greeted with this super lovely tape measure rosette from Helen, who also was the creator of my beautiful cloud brooch for my birthday.


I feel very sad to say that we weren’t allowed to take photo’s so my usual snap happy self got a bit neglected. It was amazing though, came away from it thinking how much our skills have in some ways backtracked since then when you see the stunningly intricate crafts that were produced with incredibly primitive tools. I have found a picture on google images to try and explain what I mean…


These were both at the museum yesterday. They are just a couple of examples of the amazing craftsmanship that was put into every item of jewellery, sword sheaths, weaponry and coins by the Norse. Its incredible to think that these were produced by people deemed as barbarians, with the exhibition providing a hefty argument into the misinterpretation of these legendary explorers. Despite there being a huge reconstructed longboat and a replica of the Harald Bluetooth runestone, there were two things that pleased me the most. One was this quote by Ibn Rusta, an Arab poet who wrote this in AD 903:

” When a son is born, the father throws a naked sword before him and says: ‘I leave you no inheritance. All you possess is what you can gain with this sword’ “

I just love the romantic depiction of this tradition, like something from a 1940’s biopic starring Kurt Russell! The icing on the cake for me was to find out was that Harald Hadrada (or Hard ruler as his name stemmed from), called his armour Emma πŸ™‚ I will stop boring you with my Drivel for now, I do have the excuse of a two day absence though and I can’t stop myself from prattling on for too long πŸ˜€



8 thoughts on “Just keep swimming…

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Smiley rays are my favourites – they have such cheeky personalities. The tape measure rosette is gorgeous and so clever. And the Vikings are fabulous. :o)

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