G.O.T: Jungle Boogie


Ive now jumped back on the stitching saddle after going a bit awol with having a few too many trips out. This update on the real game of thrones sees a monarch who would probably also get a little distracted with aquariums… During his reign, he collected a menagerie of exotic animals that were mainly given to him as gifts. These included elephants and leopards, but the strangest one was a white bear that was allowed to go and swim to catch fish in the River Thames! As you can imagine, at that time not a lot was known about how to look after these creatures so unfortunately a lot of them died 😦 As well as this, his reign saw the skirmish between himself and his brother in law, Simon De Montfort, which led to the first directly elected English Parliament. He was probably more concerned about which new beastie he could have as his pet though… 🙂

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