G.O.T: Now is the winter of our discontent…


The title is the opening line from the Shakespeare play about this monarch and also depicts the feelings of the majority towards this ruler. Shakespeare, ever being the propaganda warrior (I can almost hear the boo hisses of his fans as I type…), made sure that to please his employers, he would portray this king as the ‘pantomime villain’ that we all know him as today. The recent recovery of his body in a car park in Leicester has reopened the debate about whether he truly was friend or foe. Today’s main clue remains one of history’s biggest whodunnit’s and the most heinous of the monarch’s supposed crimes… he was accused of murdering his two nephews in the Tower of London to protect the throne for himself, whether he did or not remains a mystery we are likely to never discover the truth of. I actually find it quite sad that this side to him, along with him being a hunchback, continues to be the biggest known (or unknown) fact about his reign. The largest oversight of his rule is possibly that it was he who established English as the language of law so that the common person would understand it and therefore hopefully abide by it too. This, as well as establishing a court that made it possible for poorer people who could not afford legal representation to have their worries heard, made him a bit of a Robin Hood figure for a short while amongst normal society. To avoid a number of misrepresentations and total historical inaccuracies, maybe his merry men should have written a play about him instead… πŸ™‚

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