G.O.T: King for a day


Despite not really ruling (he was ‘helped out’ by his trusted uncle), this little chap is still looked upon as a once king of England, even if it was for a few months (sorry about the misleading title). It seems unfair to leave him out, being as he was the rightful heir and if it wasn’t for his and his brother’s disappearance into the Tower of London in 1483, he could have gone on to be a mighty monarch like his dear Dad. A really sad story, again one that it shrouded in myths and a barrage of ‘what ifs?’. After possible remains of the brother’s were found during Charles II reign, the story was reawakened with a non-propaganda inspired look into the possible reasoning behind the boys demise. What was discovered was a whole set of potential outcomes, with lots of finger pointing, including one at the future King Henry VII’s mum in an attempt to start a revolt against Richard III. So yeah, lots more ‘he said, she said’ type drama. One thing not to be speculated upon, however, is a nice cup of tea *switches kettle on* 😀

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