G.O.T: Hot off the press!


This monarchs chaotic reign started with the defeat of his predecessor in 1461. It was another battle in the lancastrian/ Yorkist rivalry, spearheaded by ‘the kingmaker’, the Earl of Warwick. The celebrations between these two friends didn’t last long when, in 1464, the king married a commoner, Elizabeth Woodville. Due to the kingmakers continuing fight to keep the king in rule including trying to establish a political marriage to seal his bum on the throne, he was somewhat offended by the king’s mismatched marriage to a widow. He was so incensed, that he himself created an uprising, but after a lot of tooing and froing, including at one point, putting the old king back in charge, the Earl was finally defeated. Despite this tempestuous start, he was most well known as being Dad to the ‘princes in the tower’ and ruling during the setup of William Caxton’s printing press. Im pretty sure his life would have been a tabloid journalists dream! 🙂

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