The early bird catches the worm :-)


Its my fellow’s sister’s birthday coming up so as usual, I like to get things planned and done early in case my hands fall off/ DMC stop selling threads/ any other disaster happens. Last year, after her once saying she liked owls, we went a little mad on getting her owl themed gifts and cards. It was more of a joke after not knowing what to get her and just a fleeting remark about the nocturnal friend made us grasp to that straw. So this year, we are going back to seriousness after our little childish jaunt and dispelling all signs of any owl. I found a half cross stitch half blackwork pattern that I had been stashing from somewhere that was quite big and clumpy, so I altered it. It was mainly the colours that got tweaked as they were originally grey and navy blue, as well as changing the size and the branch into being more twirly. The cross stitched part of the bird I gradient ed with shades of pink and continued the rosey theme with a lilac thread for the blackwork. For the branch, I used different shades of teal and outlined the leaves in pink. I then mounted it onto a piece of pink card, using a bit too much glue so some of it leaked onto the card as you can probably see on the photo. I put all of this onto some bird printed card that I got from the NEC craft fair and hey presto! A non-owl themed card… for this year at least πŸ˜€


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