G.O.T: Oliver’s army


In 1625, this monarch dissolved parliament, but consistently ran back to them when he needed some extra cash. As you might expect, they got a bit tired of this so Oliver Cromwell and his gang, known as the New Model Army (not to be confused with Gary Numan’s new wave band) started a revolt. After a 6 year war, this king was captured and executed in 1649. After his death, 11 years of rule by parliament as a commonwealth under Cromwell ensued. He isn’t classed as a monarch so has not been included on this stitch, but I thought Id include some snippets of him as it was an important period of English history and followed on from the recently sewn monarch. While many consider the now decapitated king to be a bit of a villain, the years after his death weren’t very rosy under the command of Ollie the misery guts. He had made the lives of the general public so unhappy with ultra strict puritan laws that by the time of his death there was a deep hatred for him that cast a huge shadow over the population. Some of the most bizarre changes were banning football, wearing too colourful dresses and banning Christmas. Anybody disallowing a big fat guy in red from coming down the chimney is a baddie in my opinion 🙂

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