G.O.T: Holy smoke!


If having to restore the countries sense of positivity after the death of the very unjolly Olly Cromwell wasn’t enough, this king had a fair amount of work with a fair few other huge problems plaguing his nation. In 1665, the great plague ravishes the population, killing over 60,000 people. A year later, In 1666, the great fire of London erupts, leaving a reported 65,000 homeless, but at least it got rid of the flea and plague infested rats, eh? Despite all of the hardships in his reign, his positivity echoed through the population during the whole of the Monarchy restoration. During the plague, he is said to have gone amongst the disease ridden victims and also helped battle the flames during the fire in order to put back some faith in his subjects. You can see why he was known as the ‘merry monarch’ to them, becoming incredibly popular with his hands on approach and the reopening of all the things that the common man enjoyed, such as theatres, breweries and brothels. He was also a notorious party animal, adoring the masked balls and in particular the company of the fairer sex. Despite he and his long suffering wife, Catherine of Braganza not succeeding with an heir, he was reportedly the father of around 17 illegitimate children that he had with his many mistresses, the most famous of which being Nell Gwynn. It is thought that several of the English aristocrats knocking around today are actually descended from him, so look out for any well spoken gent sporting an enormous wig with a Courtesan hanging off of their arm 😉



4 thoughts on “G.O.T: Holy smoke!

    • Its going to be a beast for sure! I didnt quite realise how big initially, but I keep having to adjust my frame so its going to be a brute! Im not leaving space for future monarchs, I thougt about it but didnt know how much room Id need to leave so just doing up to our current lady 🙂

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