G.O.T: ‘History is a set of lies agreed upon’


This monarch is believed to have suffered from a hereditary blood disorder called porphyria, which could be a reason behind his supposed insanity and led to him being notorious as ‘The mad King’. He is also known to be ‘the king who lost America’, after the unpopularity of the British taxes led the American colonists to protest by way of the Boston tea party. There were a fair amount of good things happen during his reign, such as James Watt’s development of the steam engine, but most notably in the world of literature. Robert Burns published his first book of poetry, Jane Austen’s pride and prejudice was published and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein came to print. The title is one of my favourite historical quotes and was said by this monarch’s nemesis, Napoleon Bonaparte. The king’s reign saw the beginning and end of the Napoleonic wars, spearheaded by the great admiral, Lord Nelson. His hysteria became even worse after his Corsican rivals defeat and led to his death in 1820. To lighten quite a negative post, I thought I would share a more approachable (only mildly though) and cuter Bonaparte, my furry friend…

IMG-20130526-WA0000100_1850  IMG-20130527-WA00092013-01-09 17.07.15

As you can see from the pictures, anywhere he shouldn’t be you will find him. A chip off the old namesake block with his invasion tactics 🙂



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