G.O.T: Stand and deliver



Up until 1752, the start of the year was seen to be 25 March, so this monarchs reign actually saw the beginning of time as we know it by replacing this year date with January 1st. Thats a piece of odd trivia for you, certainly not something that he would be remembered for. His more notable fame was for his defeat of ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ at the battle of Culloden, his rival being taken down for trying to restore the Stuart family to the throne and generally being a rebellious Scottish thorn in his side. On a lighter note, his rule saw the first botanical gardens laid out at the very beautiful Kew, which became an incredibly popular tourist destination. His reign also saw a huge influx in highwaymen, most notoriously, Dick Turpin…Being an Adam and the ants fan, I couldn’t help but include the Horrible histories parody, sorry to any non white stripe faced buccaneers out there 😉


2 thoughts on “G.O.T: Stand and deliver

  1. Thank you for the history lesson, I remember when Mr Ant was in the charts and my brother who was only 4 at the time insisted that the words were ‘stand in the liver’ he simply would not be corrected. We still laugh about it today.

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