Humble pie



Yesterday, we had the luck and pleasure of being escorted around the Coventry University Art and Design Degree Exhibition by our friend who teaches there. There were so many goodies for the eyes there that I thought Id share it with you and had to narrow my snap happy clips down to my favourites. So to warn you, this may be a photo heavy post (but at least you won’t have to put up with listening to me too much :-D) So Il get my main peeve out of the way first, as any fellow like minded cross stitcher may sympathise, this had me almost twitching with angst…

20140601_145558It also just happened to be one of my favourite prints, but luckily the artist made up for it with this amazing door…


Right, now thats out of my system, I can get on with all the nice bits 🙂 I have always loved quilling, but never tried it myself so I found these really impressive…



Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the name of the maker of these sculptures (boo hiss), but they were themed on the elements, my favourites being Earth and Air, too stunning not to include…



As I am totally paintbrush illiterate, so these few really made me go wow (even the very creepy clown)




creepy isnt it?! To get back to all things pretty, there were two designers whose work I loved. The first was a student who had created these really cute tote bags with the statement ‘People will stare so make it worth there while’ on which Im sure she will easily profit from, as well as these tattoo and jungle inspired bongo drums!



The second was a young fashion illustrator called Rose Nixon, whose display at the exhibition showed her zodiac themed drawings…


In the same area, was also this design, which I had to share as it reminded me of so many knitters I know and was sure it would evoke memories of others for fellow bloggers…


Not everything was something to be smiled at though, but rather its chief goal to be thought provoking, which it certainly succeeded with. The first image is from a campaign by Women’s aid, made more poignant by the current issues dictated in the media. The second was from a collection of human forms made of yarn, this one being particularly distressing.


My most favourite part of the whole exhibit was actually the main reason we all went over to see it in the first place. After seeing snippets of our friend’s makes and being the proud owner of one of her creations (my cloud brooch from my birthday) I was incredibly excited to see some of her’s and her students work and it certainly lived up to and surpassed expectation.


It was all so breathtakingly stunning that I spent ages looking at it all, with one piece in particular really wowing me with how beautiful it was…


This photo really doesn’t do it justice. It was all incredibly intricate acrylic butterflies, placed so delicately to look like they were flying around the face on the mask. I can admit that despite knowing how talented she is, it wasn’t until I saw hers and her students creations in the flesh that I realised just what a gifted friend I have and I must say, it is very humbling 🙂





14 thoughts on “Humble pie

  1. Brilliant post, so many beautiful things!! (And the cross-stitch soooo annoys me, couldn’t you have like stolen/finished it haha)

  2. I agree the quilling is amazing. I’ve never done quilling, but my gran was very enthusiastic about it. Looks like a brilliant show. I like visiting the Bath Spa university art degree show as it is always inspiring. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of the exhibition 🙂

    • That was one of my thoughts too, at the moment they have such creative freedom and I hope too that that stays with them when they have to live under the confines of earning from it 🙂

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