G.O.T: Brandy Nan


A much forgotten monarch, this queen’s nickname became ‘Brandy Nan’ due to her love of a tipple or two (hundred) 😉 I shouldn’t laugh really, because it was this bad habit, as well as her over indulgence with food, that lead to her early death at just 49 years old. By this time, she was riddled with gout which meant she could barely move and was so large that her coffin was said to be almost square shaped. She must not be judged though, having a horrendously difficult personal life that resorted in her seeking comfort in the wrong places. So traumatic were these events that I actually feel really upset trying to type about it, so I will just move on… Her reign saw a war with France over the Spanish succession, which eventually ended in 1709 thanks to the leadership of the Duke of Marlborough. Her rule also saw Sir Christopher Wren’s completion of St.Paul’s Cathedral and also the first race meeting at Ascot Racecourse. Very apt considering what a fine filly this Queen really was 🙂

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