G.O.T: The passenger


The most notable aspect of this monarch’s reign was the huge transportation boom. During this time, the Wright brothers make the first manned and controlled aircraft flight and the Frenchman, Louis Bleriot, makes the first cross channel flight from Calais to Dover. In all things automobile, Ford motor cars begins productions and finally, after being shown up by our foreign friends, Britain takes back some transportation triumph by introducing buses into London in 1905 and taxi-cabs being legally recognised in the city. It is also a time of political upheaval (as ever) with the Women’s social and political union being founded by the infamous, Emmeline Pankhurst. It is safe to say that this freedom fighter really got on the King’s nerves. He was very busy in other political matters, such as granting Australia and New Zealand dominion status, setting up the old age pension fund and signing the ‘Triple Entente’ allegiance with France and Russia. He did get a little break from the stresses of innovation and constitutional crisis though, as in 1909 the first Rugby match was played at Twickenham. Emmeline was still not a fan of his and continued to become progressively more militant in her campaigns, thinking he should Tri better 😀 I know that is bad but my hometown is Rugby so I should be cut some slack for an appalling joke 😉

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