G.O.T: Somme body to love


In my opinion, this monarch really is one to be admired, with his reign seeing such huge changes to England that have certainly made it a better place. Under the national insurance act, benefits were installed to help people who were sick and unemployed, the British broadcasting company starts radio transmissions, closely followed by television being introduced and penicillin was discovered. Unlike his predecessor, who was not an Emmeline Pankhurst fan, it was under his rule that women finally got the vote and Lady Astor became the first female MP, leading the way for the iron lady herself, Margaret Thatcher (some may say this wasn’t a good thing but I am championing the ‘girl power’ gig). The most notable part of this monarch’s reign though was of course, The great war, or World War one as it was later known. It was unlike anything the country had experienced before, with the soldiers death toll standing at around 9 million in 1918 when it ended, with 21 million wounded and the worst battle fought, the Somme, leaving a reported one million victims.ย  Words can’t really describe just how horrifically brutal it was, urging this king to encourage his population to stay strong and was open with his feelings quoting: ‘You can’t shake hands with a closed fist’ and ‘I look upon him as the greatest criminal known forย  having plunged the world into war’, which was aimed at his cousin, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. Another adage to this monarch’s bow of discontent was of course, the demise of the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic and 1,500 of its passengers. Also, a message to the girl I sat on the train opposite last week, yes it was actually a real event and not a made up story to show off how ‘fit’ Leonardo Dicaprio is *shakes head in disbelief* ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “G.O.T: Somme body to love

  1. To show how ‘fit’ he was?! heh? Like Leo is so awesome, let’s create this huge movie just to showcase that?

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