G.O.T: A clockwork orange


Its not really ‘A’ clockwork orange, but rather ‘the’ clockwork oranges as these were the only two monarch team in British history. He was the grandson of charles I (the one who lost his head) and she was the daughter of the very unpopular, James II. Together, they tried to right the wrongs against protestants that were instated by their predecessor, but maybe went a little too far in passing a bill of rights dictating that no catholic can succeed to the throne. After Jamie the- not- so- jubilant, the population were more than happy about this and no catholic monarch has ruled in the British isles since. Parliament was also keen on these two, with them agreeing to not withhold laws or levy taxes without their consent. The year 1694 became a time of celebration and mourning though, when the Bank of England was founded by William Paterson, but shortly after the king’s co ruler and dear Queen died of smallpox. The king ruled alone for a further eight years, in which time the war with France ends and he forms an alliance with Holland and Austria. So, an awful lot of political reform during the reign of this delightful duo. Maybe De la Soul are wrong and its actual two that’s the magic number πŸ™‚

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