Sew sensational!


Look what I got through the post this morning!! I love receiving mail of the non-bill variety and this parcel certainly released an eek out of my delighted little mouth. I found out only a few days ago that I had won a copy of Simplicity’s ‘Simply the best Sewing book’ from the very lovely and kind Louise over at Sewsensational. I was so excited to be receiving such a brilliant gift, with whizzy the sewing machine probably getting a little exasperated with my rustiness, it is a perfect guide to help me on my reeducation. As I opened the parcel, I was doubly overjoyed to see that not only had Louise sent Simplicity’s book, but also some beautiful crafting goodies and the cutest postcard! The patchwork card kit is so sweet and my brain is already mulling over what to create with the other gorgeous giveaways. I haven’t had chance to properly read the book, but after skimming through the pages, it looks like Whizzy and me will be in for a real treat. Thank you so much again Louise, you are a total star 🙂

14 thoughts on “Sew sensational!

  1. I love your name for the sewing machine! And I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what you make out of it- I’m considering maybe getting a cheap little thing and playing around with it… if I can find enough fun things to make on it (yeah, because I totally have tine for it!)

  2. what a lovely surprise from the Post-man.. will you be writing a review on the book?? heehee.. i love reading on book review and see if its a good read for the library.. 😉

  3. …. looking forward to see what magic you and whizzy will create … so after being intoxicated with joy … when does the hard work start? …. you don’t want to keep us waiting too long do you?

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