Working on my roar…

20140611_182951[1] 20140611_182956[1]

I actually can’t believe its been a year already since my nephew was born, but tomorrow marks his very first birthday. In keeping with his giraffe toy I sewed him, I decided to cross stitch him a lion card to keep a safari theme. After finishing the crosses and backstitching, I mounted the aida onto felt and framed it with yellow and orange beads. I decided to spell out his name underneath in toy block style beads to personalise it a little and fortunately I had some yellow gingham card that matches his toy giraffe perfectly. The whole time I was stitching, I was thinking of how my brother used to love the Lion King as a kid and how surreal but beautiful it is to see him with his own baby Simba 🙂


18 thoughts on “Working on my roar…

  1. Great job on the card, your nephew will most likely keep this forever, providing that he doesn’t eat it first. From a one year old perspective It probably looks equally tasty as it is cute!

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