G.O.T: Mourning glory


The longest reigning English monarch, this 63 year queen was a force to be reckoned with. So, so much happened during her rule that this will probably be one of those posts that you can’t wait to be over! Her political prowess (also known as claiming other countries as your own), is undoubtedly a huge aspect of her empire building reign. The year 1839 saw two places invaded, with the first Afghan war, where Ghazi was captured and the opium war which led to Britain gaining Hong Kong. These were not the only conflicts, with the Crimean, Boer and Zulu wars and then the Queen becoming known as the Empress of India after her takeover in 1876. This rule was a time of great upheaval in the medical world also, the bad part of this being the Irish potato famine killing more than a million people and a huge Cholera epidemic. The good news was that many advancements were put into place to try and heal the nation. These included compulsory vaccinations against smallpox, the founding of the Salvation army, the first underground railway system in the world and free schooling, with school attendance becoming compulsory just a year after the Queen’s death. Of course, nobody could chat about this robust royal without mentioning her hubby, Prince Albert. Her love for him was so strong that after his death in 1861 of typhoid, she plunged into a murky world of Mourning. She is reported to have been in such despair that she continued to have his clothes lain out everyday, wore black for the rest of her rule and not much channeled away her deep depression and longing for dear departed Bertie. Sounds a bit like me during my black eyeliner white face powder teenage goth days! 😉

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