G.O.T: Blitzkreig bop


This monarch’s life saw huge political problems but also some major personal ones. The most notable aspect of the latter was his crippling speech impediment, as detailed via Colin Firth in ‘The King’s speech’. Always believed to be an anxious and naturally diffident character, his problem became worse after taking over the throne from his brother following his abdication. With the threat of war at any time, his beloved wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (or the Queen’s Mum as many know her) pursued his overcoming of this issue by seeking the aid of Lionel Logue, the Australian therapist. In 1939, Mr Hitler decided to invade Poland, causing the outbreak of World War 2, meaning that it was now more than ever, that his country needed the reassuring words of their king. Of course, Lio and his pupil came up trumps, delivering a truly empowering and much needed address to the population. I don’t really need to say the main problem in his reign though, Im sure we have all heard the horrific tales of what happened at the hands of Adolf and his henchmen, but through the might and determination of the steadfast king and his courageous commonwealth, the evil was laid to rest in 1945. Not long after though, in 1946, the iron curtain shrouds Britain in the form of the Cold War. With the many, many casualties, both soldiers and civilians, who wereΒ  put through sheer hell for the past few decades, the king permitted the NHS, establishing free medical treatment and also a year before, granted India’s independence. The spearhead of the separation was of course the great ocean of wisdom and peace, Mahatma Gandhi, quoting: ‘An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind’. If only his ethic of stoicism in serenity was upheld by the Fuhrer a couple of decades earlier… :-/


4 thoughts on “G.O.T: Blitzkreig bop

  1. Woohoo, I think this is about the third one I actually know! Although my first reaction was Churchill πŸ˜› Still interesting reading about him, I didn’t know that he set up the NHS though, very interesting stuff πŸ™‚

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