G.O.T: Jubilation!


This is Britain’s current Queen who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and is on her way to becoming the longest reigning British monarch. Its double jubilation (see what I did there?) with this post as with dear Queenie being the last to cross stitch, I can now stop harping on about history and generally boring you all to tears. I still have the backstitching mountain to climb, so forgive me if I start tattling on about some fanciful fact while updating the lining progress. Anyway, she’s a pretty easy monarch to guess, especially as her design comes complete with pet corgi’s, but it is only fair that she gets a few words said in her honour same as all of the other rulers have had. My favourite fact about her was that she was a mechanic during the second world war and most of her offspring and her offspring’s offspring have been involved in the military in some way. With such a strong and inspiring lady, it has also been during her reign that decimal currency prevails, the Berlin wall has crashed and Kuwait has been liberated by allied forces during the Gulf war. What a woman, eh? and she hasn’t even finished yet! 🙂

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