Blooming marvellous!

sunflower[1] sunflower2[1]

Our few days of beautiful sunshine in the UK seem to be dwindling as today its decided to totally slash it down and I think I even heard a clap or two thunder. Thanfully though, seeing these bloomingly brilliant drawers has certainly put some sunshine back into the day! I don’t know if you can see from my rubbish pictures but the design is all made of sculpted polymer clay with little wooden ladybirds. My favourite colour is yellow and favourite blooms are sunflowers so I adore them. The reason for this post about them really is to give a big thank you to Jaycee CraftsΒ  and also to share a link to her page so that you can take a peek at her other beautiful designs too if you wish. Her pricing is amazing value (these drawers were only Β£35-bargain) and she is one of the most helpfully accommodating people Ive met so pop over and say hi πŸ™‚

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