Enjoy the silence (summer journal 1)


By way of fabrilicious, todays journal theme is:

“Take some time today to be quiet. Maybe you will have a chance to sit in the garden-or at the window-or even on the bus. Wherever you are, just take time to LISTEN. Write about what you hear”
Well today wasn’t the quietest for me I must admit and I certainly didn’t get chance to sit in my rubble filled post-wall knocked out garden. My muted time usually comes later in the evening, after my stepchildren have gone to bed and my mister is happily painting away. It is then when I get my tapestry frame out and have my peace and quiet. As it isn’t that far on in the day yet, I have had to cheat a bit and share what I heard last night during my silent stitching, each sound I can assure you will be the same ones heard by me every evening whilst sewing so I don’t think its cheating that much 🙂 It was actually so noise free that you could literally hear a pin drop, or in this case my needle that became unthreaded and ended up on the floor as well as whilst doing the odd French knot, hearing the tug of the cotton intertwining. We live in a very old Edwardian house, so the home itself makes plenty of noises when everything else falls still, a few creaks and squeaks as well as the ticking of the clock on the wall. One of the last noises was probably one of my favourites and also a break to our peace and quiet… that being ‘Want a cup of tea?’ followed by the final sound of the kettle boiling and a satisfied ‘ahhh’ after a good slurp! Then the silence of stitching, painting and a creaky house ensues… 🙂

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