A comfy match (summer journal and photo a day)


Firstly, I need to update my progress on G.O.T, but had a busy few days so will do that tomorrow (as well as some other exciting news!), so I will just stick with photo a day and the summer journal from my lazy self today. Secondly, I need to apologise for my terrible picture taking, David Bailey I most certainly am not! Todays photo theme is ‘match’ and the first thing that sprang to mind was a love match but I didn’t want to make you puke too much so I went for the next idea-my favourite childhood photo. For some reason, my family liked to put me and my sister in matching everything, clothes, shoes, we even had correlating ‘mushroom’ haircuts at one point! It went to such a point that as the above image shows, we even had matching crocheted blankets that we liked to play ‘grannies’ in. This is a bit different from the toadstool-esque hairdo’s though as I actually adore this photo, will always be one of my favourites and the tradition still continues to this day with both of us being called ‘Boo’ by each other as well as by family members πŸ™‚

Kind of on the same vain with matching is todays journal prompt: “Make a fashion statement! What’s your style? Jeans? Jersey? Jacket? Tell us what makes you comfortable -or smart!”

I must admit that I was a total idiot as a teen and took the ‘rebellious’ phase to the extreme. The buzz of getting bad attention by wearing anything that was deemed inappropriate I am pleased to say is very much one of the past and not one I have strived for for some years now. After teenage years of being a clothing chameleon, whether it be the goth, punk, 50’s pinup or hippy phase, I am very comfortable with who I am now and endeavour to not fit into a clique but rather just be me. I love bright colours, floral lace, quirky prints, a whole host of random garments grace my drawers and each one I have just because I like it, I think its pretty and Im happy wearing it. I would never dream of wearing something I wasn’t comfortable in anymore like I used to and will not be strayed by any fashion craze (which is just as well as they never seem to suit me). I vary rarely buy clothes, usually only when things are literally becoming threadbare, but when I do I tend to go to charity shops first and love vintage shops selling pretty ‘twirly’ frocks emblazoned with flower prints. Being quite girly, I find most comfort in wearing skirts and dresses but nothing beats the contentment of putting on my pyjamas at the end of the day along with my favourite slippers…




8 thoughts on “A comfy match (summer journal and photo a day)

  1. I’m searching for new slippers, can’t find the right pair anywhere. Might have to steal yours. Home a littl earlier than expected…… Thanks for sharing.

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