A perfect star :-) (summer journal/photo a day)


Today’s summer journal prompt: “Let’s be real-no dreaming (well, not much!) What would be your perfect day?

Of course, its only natural for me to associate having a perfect day with all my fantastical dreams, like swimming with mermaids, being able to communicate with animals, having a singsong with the flowers… yknow those surreal sorts of things? But today’s prompt is all about REALITY! Jokes aside, I actually take great pleasure in very simple things and it doesn’t take a lot to get me smiling, so my ‘perfect day’ is massively achievable. I think a hodge podge of things that make me smile mixed together would be the recipe to my perfect day really, in whatever way they may arrange themselves (as having to be too regimented would take the fun out of things). These would be my blood glucose levels being super all day, doing some form of sewing for a few hours, plenty of cuddles with my OH, visiting a random museum/historical site to find out a random fact I never knew before, plenty of tea breaks, sunshine out with flowers in bloom and one of my biggest smile inducers… making other people happy. I love to feel like Ive cheered others up or made them feel loved so I tend to do silly things to try and get a few grins. Leaving random notes round the house, (including in lunchboxes) to try and make the family smile or laugh are one of these, so this journal prompted today’s note which is attached to my super cheery sunflower drawers 🙂


July 4th’s photo a day theme is ‘Stars’. Although I know this is a nod to it being Independence Day in the States (Happy birthday to any American bloggers), back here in Britain I have taken the theme very literally. Today’s photo from me is this star deed showing the celestial body that is named after our son, which is always the first thing I think of when star’s are mentioned. Sorry again to not go with the usual 4th of July celebratory stars but I couldn’t not go in favour of the brightest star in our sky 🙂

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