The periodic table (summer journal/photo a day)


I was planning on staging a lovely display for the ‘on the table’ photo a day prompt. But I thought it would be more fun and telling to just take a photo of what the table truly looks like rather than a staged one and to be honest, this is what our table looks like most of the time pre blog updates. My bag is always on the table (unless its hanging off my shoulder of course), I always have a cup of tea nearby although Ive drunk this one already! The tray is a new addition that I couldn’t resist at Coventry’s Godiva festival today which I think will be cemented in that spot and I am yet to put our board games away from playing last night. I promise I will tidy up after this post!

funny-facebook-book-face_eercq_59Before I de-messify the house, Its summer journal time, with today’s prompt being: “Do you love to lose yourself in a good book? Drama? Detective? Maybe you would rather watch a good film or TV programme instead? Or maybe you just prefer to read the paper with your breakfast.Write about which you prefer.”

I go through different periods really. Id say on the whole I would prefer to read a good book. There is something about losing yourself and getting so engrossed in the text that you wouldn’t notice anything else going on in the room. I never feel that absorbed by the TV, in fact I very rarely just sit and watch it, preferring to sew at the same time as semi watching a programme in order to maintain my attention span. There are some exceptions, I do enjoy watching various documentaries and if blackadder is on I cannot resist it, but it is almost always coupled with my stitching frame being in front of me. It is even rarer that I find a film that will keep my interest going for a long period of time as I usually feel like there would be a better way for me to spend my time than gazing at the screen. At times the power of the box does prevail though, I find that certain films I literally can’t turn down and sometimes its nice to just let your brain go numb and not have to think about anything but laughing at someone on the telly. I think tonight is one of those instances… šŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “The periodic table (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. I hear you on your comment about finding films that hold your interest long enough. I fell asleep while the football was on and it was my sweepstake team – picked by those at work – playing at the time! Lol!

  2. We have something in common too… šŸ™‚

    Blackadder: What is your name, boy?
    Kate/Bob: Kate.
    Blackadder: Isn’t that a bit of a girl’s name?
    Kate/Bob: It’s short for [pause] Bob.

    šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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